About The Site

By Spear and Axe isn’t your typical site that tries to pretend that men are just women with different body parts, nor is it the kind of site that pretends women are the enemy.  Instead, we recognize that the real “enemy” are ideas about manhood that argue men are flawed when they act like men.

Over the last few decades, masculinity has been slowly eroded away.  Popular culture loves to portray fathers as bumbling idiots while most other males are either so deeply flawed as to be caricatures, or they’re essentially women with dangly parts in their pants.  There’s no middle ground.

We exist to counter that influence.

Males today–they can scarcely be called men–are growing demonstrably weaker.  A recent study actually proved that college-aged males are physically weaker than their fathers were at the same age.  This is a proven fact…and yet, only a handful of people are bothered by this fact.

It’s time that men regain their place and act like men.  At the same time, however, that’s not a declaration that women should do anything.  While feminists declaring what men should act like is stupid, it would be equally stupid for men to do the same thing in response.

Instead, our purpose is to remind men how we’re supposed to act and what we’re supposed to be.  If men remember that and start acting accordingly, then the millions of non-feminist women will respond quickly enough that the feminists who seek to discredit and destroy masculinity–and it’s not necessarily all of them–will find themselves on the outside looking in.

Yes, if this is a fight then we want to win it.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  It can just be men remembering how to act like men, as we were meant to be.

The title itself comes from the fact that this site does talk about fighting quite a bit, as that is one of the essential roles of man.  However, the spear and the axe had roles to fulfill in peacetime.  Both helped provide for a man’s family but could be pressed into service to defend hearth and home in times of trouble.

The reality is, each man should be like the spear or the axe.  Your primary duty, the duty you will perform the majority of the time, is to provide for you family.  However, we don’t live in a world where that’s always an option, so the man must then become a weapon to protect what he holds most dear.

It is in that spirit that the title, By Spear and Axe comes.