New Project

Hey there.  Again, it’s been quiet here, which is not intentional.  I’ve been knee deep in finishing up a novel.  I’ll have more on that down the road, but since it’s not so much about masculinity, there won’t be a whole lot here.

However, it has taken a fair bit of my time when coupled with the paying writing I do on a daily basis.

I do hope to have one up either later today or tomorrow based on a comment I got recently that was, well..asinine.


You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.

President Trump

Today, Donald J. Trump becomes president.

Photo courtesy of Iowa Public Radio Images
Photo courtesy of Iowa Public Radio Images

Let that sink in just a bit more.  Donald.  Trump.

Yeah, I know.  For what it’s worth, I didn’t vote for him unlike many commentators in the Manosphere.  I voted for Gary Johnson, mostly because Sweet Meteor of Death wasn’t on the ballot here in Georgia.

However, he won, and in just about an hour, he’ll officially be President of the United States, for better or worse.

Numerous feminists are losing their minds, convinced that Trump will roll back decades of protections for them, with at least one arguing that women will be nothing but property by the time he leaves office.  Seriously.

I can understand their concern.

After all, Trump is more a symbol than a president at this point.  He’s a political Rorschach test.  People see what they want to see in him, and for many feminists, they apparently see Satan.

His desire to repeal Obamacare is part of the reason, arguing that it will deny them access to birth control.  However, since he also has said he will replace it with something else, something will probably provide coverage for most form of birth control (but probably not abortifacients that are so controversial) means it isn’t time to freak out.

For men, Trump’s election isn’t necessarily a terrible thing.  Trump’s win was, in part, a repudiation of the social justice crusading that feminism has so completely embraced.  In particular, the “men are evil” brand of feminism that has become so vocal thanks to the internet.

Because Trump is such a Rorschach test, it’s hard to know exactly what will happen in the next four years.  His decision to appoint retired Marine Corps General James Mattis to be SecDef makes me tingly, but even a blind squirrel can find a nut.  He has the next couple of years at least to prove to me he was the right choice.

One thing I do feel good about is that now the federal government has no inclination to embrace some of the more idiotic ideas regarding masculinity that are floating around.

The Sound of Silence?

First, sorry about the lack of a post on Monday.  I had some stuff going on and just dropped the ball.

Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Hopeless_Wonderer
Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Hopeless_Wonderer

Those things aren’t really over yet, so the tone here might shift just a bit to posts of smaller blurbs, videoes, things like that.  No, I won’t be doing just that, but it’ll let me work on the longer, more detailed posts while still providing unique content.

Men are facing unique challenges in this day and age, and we need to unite together as men to find our own path without the unhelpful influences of those who would take away our manhood.

Unfortunately, part of being a man is actually dealing with life, and sometimes that gets a little hairy, and that means it’s hard to host that discussion.  However, I remain committed to the cause, and this is the best solution to my current predicament I can find.

That doesn’t mean I won’t keep looking, however.  I have some other things that may only impact the backend of things, but understand that we’re going to keep up this fight until real masculinity is no longer ridiculed by those who seek to undermine our very nature.

So, until then, enjoy.

Some Changes On The Way

We’re about to make some changes here at By Spear and Axe.  Yes, again.  The first time it was just the name, which desperately needed to be changed, but now we’re looking at some serious overhauling.

Photo by Conal Gallagher
Photo by Conal Gallagher

When I started this site, it was with the idea that I would speak solely on masculinity and masculine issues.  I figured with feminists and their male bashing, I wouldn’t run out of anything to write about in the near future.

The thing is, the male bashing is repetitive, so the responses tend to be as well.  That makes things dry up on that front.

That made me want to shift to Plan “B”.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have one. Continue reading “Some Changes On The Way”

Why Talk About Violence

I was talking with a friend yesterday when they asked, “Dude, what is up with this preoccupation with violence?  I thought you were running a blog on being manly and stuff, not some ‘warrior’ blog.”

Photo by John McStravick
Photo by John McStravick

It’s a fair question.

After all, I do spend a fair bit of time talking about violence as well as sharing information I find on how to administer it to the deserving.  I’ve spent a lot more time on that than probably any other subject thus far.

The reason for that is simple: It’s the aspect of masculinity that’s being the most repressed by society. Continue reading “Why Talk About Violence”

New Name and Site Redesign

As you might have noticed, there’s been a little bit of a change here at the site.

The name, 21st Century Masculinity, was a freaking mouthful.  It didn’t have any punch, pizzaz, or much of anything.  It was descriptive, but that was all it had going for it.  It didn’t even differentiate it from a site that could be run by FIMs seeking to tell men they should be more like women.

So, we’re now known as By Spear and Axe.

Yes, it sounds like I’m all about the weapons, which I might be.  However, there’s something interesting about both the spear and the axe.  Both were used in war, but both were also used to put food on the table in times of peace.  They were tools that turned toward war when necessary.

That’s the way I think men should be.  They put food on the table in times of peace, but unleash hell on Earth when that peace is threatened.

Over the next little while, I’ll be updating much of the site to reflect this new look.

What will this mean for the content here at the site?

Honestly, not all that much.  In fact, the name change is more about reflecting the content more than the other way around.  If you like what you’ve seen here, you’ll see plenty more of it.